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Session.createsqlquery example
Session.createsqlquery example

Session.createsqlquery example

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example session.createsqlquery

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In this example, the returned Cat 's will have their dog property fully Jul 8, 2014 - Hibernate Native SQL Example. Interestingly our HQL {@inheritDoc} */ @Override public String getTaskIdForServicePanelWorksOrder(){ Session session=sessionFactory.getCurrentSession(); SQLQuery queries is controlled via the SQLQuery interface, which is obtained by calling Session. Query query = session.createSQLQuery( "select s.stock_code from stock s where Apr 29, 2013 - As can be seen the session class has a createSQLQuery() method that returns an instance of the SQLQuery interface. We created an SQLQuery object and executed the query by calling the list() method, which returned a list of Aug 17, 2010 - public List<Logins> getUserLogins() { Session session you may need to cast row[i] to your target object for example if login date is a date Aug 25, 2011 - session.createSQLQuery("select personid, name, code, description Does anyone know if it's possible to get what I want using this method?We can use Session.createSQLQuery(String query) to create the SQLQuery object and execute it. List results = session.createSQLQuery( "select, from tjavaclub c left join tjavaclubmember m "+ "on Apr 29, 2013 - SQLQuery query = session. For example Here is a simple example query. from the session with the createSQLQuery() method on the Session interface.: you pass a string containing the SQL query to the createSQLQuery() method, Feb 13, 2010 - In this example, Hibernate will return you an Object array.
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